What can we learn from how parliamentarians talk on Twitter?

Analyzing Twitter politics across 26 countries

This website allows you to explore and download a database of parliamentarians on Twitter in 26 countries. The database is designed to move beyond the one-off nature of most Twitter-based research and in the direction of systematic and rigorous comparative and transnational analysis.

We ask: how do parliamentarians use Twitters affordances? What are the emergent network structures from parliamentarian interactions? How do political parties differ in their use of framing and what is their common ground? Is there a transnational public sphere emerging on twitter?

Latest Articles

Political Systems and Political Networks: The Structure of Parliamentarians’ Retweet Networks in 19 Countries

Social scientists have long studied international differences in political culture and communication. An influential strand of theory within political science argues that different types of political systems generate different parliamentary cultures: Systems with proportional representation generate cross-party cohesion, whereas majoritarian systems generate division. To contribute to... read more

The Twitter parliamentarian database: Analyzing Twitter politics across 26 countries

This article introduces the Twitter Parliamentarian Database (TPD), a multi-source and manually validated database of parliamentarians on Twitter. The TPD includes parliamentarians from all European Free Trade Association countries where over 45% of parliamentarians are on Twitter as well as a selection of English-speaking countries. The database is designed to... read more


TwitterPoliticians.org provides a view into the politics of 26 countries through the activities of parliamentarians on Twitter. The platform is based on the idea that the way politicians tweet, retweet and mention each other can give important insights into politics within and across countries.


ODYCCEUS is a European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation project aiming at a better understanding of current societal challenges by analyzing information circulating in digital media. TwitterPoliticians.org is part of the larger Penelope software ecosystem.

The team

TwitterPoliticans.org is a collaboration between Political Sociology at University of Amsterdam and Complex Systems at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. Read more about the researchers behind the project.